December 16, 2021   |   Posted by Rubenstein Law

This March, thousands will flock to the beaches of Daytona for the 81st annual Daytona Bike Week Festival. Here, bikers from all over meet to share their love for motorcycles and enjoy the sunshine on Daytona Beach.

With the event approaching in the coming months, Rubenstein Law wants to help you start planning your trip. That includes where to stay, what events to attend, and how to stay safe and ensure you have everything you need. If this is your first time at Daytona Bike Week, this will also function as a helpful guide for you.

What is There to Do This Year?

The excellent news about Daytona Bike Week is that there is no shortage of things to do. It is usually jam-packed with entertainment.

Speedway Races

There are many races on the Speedway, including:

Motorcycle Shows

You can also attend numerous motorcycle shows displaying vintage bikes, European and Japanese motorcycles, and many others.

Take a Long Ride or Stick Around Town

It should come as no surprise that a big thing people like to do is take their bike for a long ride. You could take a trip up to the oldest city in the U.S., St. Augustine. You can also ride to Orlando, Jacksonville, or even as far as Tampa.

If you’re interested in sticking around Daytona, check out the different kinds of bikes flooding down Main Street. You can also look out for our booth and our bike, Lady Justice, at Destination Daytona to say “Hello.”

Where Can I Stay?

People traveling to Daytona for Bike Week usually stay in campgrounds, hotels, motels, or with friends or family.

Hotels in the Area

If you’re new to Bike Week and unsure where to stay, here are a few hotels in the area.

Campgrounds Nearby

If you’re interested in doing it the old-fashioned way, here are a few camping spots in the area:

Daytona Bike Week Tips for First-Timers

Although many of you might be regular attendees at Daytona Bike Week, it could be your first visit. For those first-time visitors, here are a few pro tips. If you’re heading back to Daytona this year, consider this a friendly reminder.

Restrictions & Guidelines

To have a safe trip and avoid being cited, refrain from riding in the parking lot at Destination Daytona. Although this may come as a surprise, there are too many vendors and people to navigate the area safely. Feel free to park your bike, stretch your legs on a walk, and check out the many vendors.

Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach allow motorcycles to cruise sections of the beach at speeds of 10 mph. Be cautious of restricted areas because riding is only permitted in designated locations.

Additionally, make sure to pack your clear glasses. Eye protection is required even at night. Police have been known to give out citations at this event, especially at night on Main Street.

The Official Bike Week Welcome Center

The Official Bike Week Welcome Center is located at ONE DAYTONA, across from the Daytona International Speedway on One Daytona Blvd, Daytona Beach. Ambassadors from the Regional Chamber will provide recommendations on restaurants, events, and more.

Places to Go Eat

After a long day of riding and having fun at the events at Daytona Bike Week, you’ll need some good places to unwind and have a good meal. Check out the following restaurants:

Visit Rubenstein Law at Destination Daytona

Rubenstein Law is proud to be at Daytona Bike Week 2022. Feel free to visit us at Destination Daytona. Look for our RV, big red tent, and our bike #LadyJustice. We’ll have prizes and giveaways throughout the week.

At Rubenstein Law, we have decades of experience fighting for bikers & their families. We have offices in Daytona and across Florida and are here for you 24/7-365. Contact us at 800-FL-LEGAL if you need assistance or just want to say, “Hi.” Have a safe and unforgettable time at Bike Week 2022.

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