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Why is Florida so dangerous for motorcyclists? The inherent danger of motorcycles and the volume of riders in the state may play a role. Other factors like age, helmet use, and alcohol should also be considered.

Overview of Florida Motorcycle Statistics

Some grim Florida motorcycle accident statistics are supplied by the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Here are the numbers for motorcycle accidents in the state for 2019:

  • Crashes: 8,895
  • Driver Fatalities: 521
  • Incapacitating Injuries: 1,885
  • Other Injuries: 5,200
  • Passenger Fatalities: 29
  • Passenger Incapacitating Injuries: 187
  • Passenger Other Injuries: 447

Contributing Factors in Motorcycle Crashes & Deaths

It’s impossible to contribute one overarching factor to motorcycle accidents; however, some are more prevalent than others.

Lack of Helmet Use

A factor that contributes greatly to motorcycle injuries and death is the lack of helmet use.

Although Florida doesn’t require riders to wear helmets under certain circumstances, there’s no denying their safety benefits. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, helmets reduce the risk of death by 37% to 42%. Further, riders who opt out of wearing this piece of equipment are three times more likely to suffer traumatic brain injuries.

According to the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, there were 241 fatalities in 2019 where drivers were not wearing helmets.

Riding Under the Influence of Alcohol

Whether you’re driving a car or riding a motorcycle, alcohol has devastating impacts. Ride Smart Florida estimates a third of motorcycle fatalities are alcohol-related. With the impairing effects of alcohol, motorcyclists don’t have the alertness needed to practice defensive riding and can suffer from an unnecessary collision.

Rider’s Age

Age may play a role in motorcycle accidents for many reasons. According to Ride Smart Florida, riders under the age of 30 were most likely to die or be seriously injured in a motorcycle accident between 2015 to 2019.

Interestingly enough, Ride Smart Florida also reported that riders under 30 were more likely to speed. This fact may play a role in fatalities.

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