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If you’re in the market for a motorcycle, you have some decisions to make. First decide the type: cruiser, sport, touring, standard, dual-purpose, or dirt. Should you buy new or used? If you decide to buy a used bike, where and how will you buy it?

If you decide to buy a used bike, where and how will you buy it?

A used motorcycle is the better way to go for many bikers. However, reliability may be compromised, and you could be responsible for any issues with the bike since you won’t have a warranty. Although there’s no guarantee you’ll avoid all issues down the road, choosing where you buy your used bike wisely can go a long way.

What to Consider When Buying a Used Bike

If you’re just starting out, buying used makes a lot of sense. Like a new car, much of the motorcycle’s value is lost as soon as you ride it off the lot.

As an inexperienced biker you’ll make mistakes and potentially damage your new bike. You may realize you do not like cruising on a motorcycle, or decide you’d prefer a different style of bike. With so many unknown variables it makes sense to reduce your investment to a smaller, less expensive choice.

If you’re a more experienced rider, there are pros and cons to new and used bikes, according to Cycle World:


New bikes are more expensive, but the price you see for used isn’t just the cost to take it home. Most motorcycles need major service every 10,000 to 15,000 miles. Depending on its mileage, you may need to pay another $800 to $1,500 soon to keep the bike properly running.


New bikes are in the best condition and should be under warranty. Motorcycle owners may lovingly treat their bike like it was their child, or maybe like a junkyard dog, or somewhere in between.

If you’re buying used, ask about how the bike is stored, how often it was ridden, and who did repairs.  If it’s the owner, that could be good or bad. If a professional did, that’s generally good news. Ask if there are maintenance receipts and records.

The more you know about the motorcycle, the better you’ll be at spotting possible issues. If this is your first time buying a bike, consider bringing a friend who already owns one when you check out a used bike.

Who Will Work on the Motorcycle

You can afford to take a greater risk on an older motorcycle if you’re a competent mechanic. This, of course, is if you can afford to buy parts and have the time to fix your motorcycle. If you don’t have the skills or luxury of time and money to maintain your bike, consider buying new.


A new motorcycle should have better technology like antilock brakes and traction control to ensure a safer ride. These features may be available on used motorcycles that are relatively new.

Given our experience representing injured motorcyclists, don’t overlook safety features. You will get a great return on the extra money you pay if it’s the difference between walking away from an accident or leaving the scene in an ambulance.

Where and How Should You Buy a Used Motorcycle?

If you decide a used bike is the better choice, the next thing to choose is whether you want to buy one in person or online.

Tips for Buying in Person

You can find bikes for sale in local newspapers, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace. You can buy from an individual or motorcycle dealer. Consider shopping around, takings test rides, and inspecting the bike in further detail. An individual seller won’t finance the purchase, but a dealer might. They may also offer a warranty. This is the way to go If you don’t trust the online purchase process.

Tips for Buying Online

eBay is the 900-pound gorilla of online vehicle purchases due to its vast selection of used motorcycles. This makes eBay the place to go if you’re looking for an obscure make or model.

The downside of buying a bike online is that you must pick it up or transport it to your home. Additionally, there’s a greater risk of fraud with an online purchase. However, eBay tries to mitigate that risk with its Vehicle Purchase Protection program. It protects you against losses up to the purchase price (up to $100,000) that involve:

  • Non-delivery
  • Undisclosed defects in the title and motorcycle

eBay buyers are covered at no additional cost if they buy through their website or app.

Where and how you buy your used motorcycle depends on many factors. Nonetheless, your dream bike may be out there. With some effort and maybe a little luck, you can find it.

A Florida Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Help You

No matter how safely you ride or whether you bought your motorcycle new or used, you can’t control the drivers around you. Contact a Florida motorcycle accident lawyer at Rubenstein Law today if you are seriously injured in an accident.

We can help you pursue the maximum recovery for your injuries and put you on the right track to recover from your accident. Get your free, no-risk case review by calling us at 800-FL-LEGAL or using our contact form.

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