$100,000 Offer Increased in Miami

Initial Offer $20,000 – final settlement $100,000

Our client was on his bike (moped) – when the defendant ran a red light and struck him. He suffered herniated disks in his neck and back, abrasions and head trauma.

$100,000 Ran Stoplight in Daytona

The defendant ran a stoplight & stuck our client . He client suffered a broken arm in addition to neck and back injuries.

$100,000 Ran Stoplight in Miami

Our client was on his motorcycle in North Miami and when the defendant ran a stoplight and hit our client. Our client was left with a neck fracture and injuries to his hands and face.

$100,000 Failed to Yield in Miami

Defendant failed to yield when making a left turn, hitting the front left side of our client’s bike. Our client suffered multiple fractures in his left leg, a fractured rib and ruptured spleen.

$95,000 Head-On Collision in Miami

After a head-on collision from a vehicle traveling in the wrong lane, our client was thrown from their bike. We secured over $95,000.

$95,000 Rear-End Accident in Palm Beach County

While stopped, our client was rear-ended by the vehicle behind them. We secured over $95,000.

$95,000 Left Turn Crash in Plantation

Defendant failed-to-yield during a left turn and hit our client. We secured over $95,000.

$95,000 Parking Lot Accident in Miami

Our client was hit by a car in a parking lot while making food deliveries on his scooter. The accident sent him to the hospital. We secured over $95,000.

$-3,500,000 Motorcycle Injury in Tampa

Our client was riding his motorcycle and was cut off by a dump truck. His recovery required an extensive hospital stay and multiple surgeries.