We know the pain and frustration involved in wrecks caused by carelessness.

Only fellow riders know what makes motorcycle crashes different than fender benders and what you’re facing in terms of physical injuries, medical bills, and recovery. So if you are dealing with a 2 wheels vs 4 wheels accident, trust an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer to fight for you.

Rubenstein Law was created to be first and foremost – a resource for riders. That’s why we offer unparalleled support to the Florida motorcycle community, promote safe riding, and provide riders and their families with unrivaled representation. But we are also personal injury attorneys who know what it takes to get every dollar you deserve. With a reputation for standing up to insurance companies and a long history of success, we can explain your options and guide you every step of the way.

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With locations in Broward, Jacksonville, Kissimmee, Miami, North Miami, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Tampa, and West Palm Beach, Rubenstein Law and a dedicated Florida motorcycle accident attorney is nearby – no matter where you live, work, or ride.

Initial consultations are always free and there’s no risk or upfront costs. We only get paid when you receive compensation.

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Rubenstein Law is proud to support many local motorcycle clubs, organizations and rides. We advocate for safety and sponsor events all over Florida that celebrate the journey – not the destination.

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Because of our relationships with many local bike shops, you probably already have some Rubenstein Law safety gear or attended one of the many charity or bike events that we helped organize or sponsored. We look forward to meeting up at the next one.

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We hope you never need a motorcycle injury lawyer.
But if you or a loved one is hurt because someone was reckless, you’ll be glad we are here.

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