Who’s Rubenstein Law

Rubenstein Law is more than a law firm for motorcyclists. We are staples of the Miami-Dade motorcycle community – the regulars at rallies talking about the best routes and ways to stay safe.

You’ve seen us at Biketoberfest, the Coral Gables Car & Bike Show, and many other events around Miami. We’ve participated in runs to fight breast cancer and fallen officers, swapped stories at Big Chill, supported The Sugar4Kids Holiday Extravaganza, and other runs that celebrate our fellow wanderers, making so many friends along the way.

Remember, bikers look out for bikers, and Rubenstein Law looks out for you.

Why Work With Us?

Our involvement in the Miami-Dade motorcycle community has connected us to various organizations that support our mission to help riders like you stay safe and active.

Bike Repairs


Is your bike out of commission? Over the years we’ve partnered with the best bike dealers, local repair shops, and bike organizations in Miami. Let us put you in touch with the people who do exceptional work.

Assistance With Medical Care


We know great local medical professionals. If you’re hurt on a ride, we’re happy to make introductions, discuss your options, and help you get the best possible care or if you have a doctor you know and trust, you can always use them.

Insurance Questions


Motorcycle insurance can be tricky, but we handle claims every day. We know the players and how to make insurance companies do what’s right. Have a question? We'll find the answer.

Gear Recommendations


See what gear riders endorse. We routinely check out what’s new and what works.

Motorcycle Safety Tips


Rubenstein Law is all about safety and growing the bike community in Miami. Check out ways you can stay safe on two wheels.

Motorcycle Reports


We wouldn’t be us if we didn’t talk about the latest and greatest bikes out there. We’ll look at safety ratings, the newest features, and how to go fast.

Our Recommendations

If you’re looking for the best route to cruise Miami-Dade County, we’d recommend a trip down Ocean Drive to experience South Beach, taking US.1 to Mile Zero in the Keys, or a scenic trek along US 41 and the Tamiami Trail.

But before your journey, we advise riders in the Miami area to be aware of some common motorcycle laws, and what to do in case you’re in an accident.

After all, accidents do happen – even to experienced bikers.

  • The statute of limitations in Florida is 4 years: Legally, you have four years from the date of your accident to file a lawsuit. While this seems like a lot of time and there are some exceptions, you should not wait too long. Failure to act could hurt you down the line; witnesses are harder to find, paperwork gets lost, memories fade…
  • Negligence equals fault: Negligence is a breach of the standard of care that a reasonable person takes to avoid causing harm. To determine who’s at fault in a motorcycle accident, you must show that the other driver failed to act reasonably.
  • Loved ones can file wrongful death claims: Tragically, sometimes it’s a spouse, child, or parent, who needs help after a fatal motorcycle accident. While nothing can replace what you lost, the law gives you options. These claims have a two-year statute of limitation, but they can help families move forward.
  • Riders can share blame & still recover compensation: Motorcycle riders are sometimes unfairly blamed for accidents. However, there are times when both parties share responsibility. For example, if you were going too fast on I-95 in North Miami and the other driver was texting, you could both be in the wrong.

Florida follows the Comparative Negligence Rule. This means you can still receive compensation for an accident where both parties are to blame, but it will be reduced by your degree of fault. So, if you suffered $100,000 in damages, but shared 10% of the fault, you could recover $90,000.

When We Get to Work


It’s not all bike nights, rallies, and meetups at Rubenstein Law. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents in Miami are a reality. We hope you never need to call, but if you or a loved one need help, we’re always available and easy to reach.

When you work with us, we will:

  • Get To Work Immediately: Our team starts with an independent investigation. You don’t want to rely on what the other driver’s insurance company says happened. We’ll work with the Miami-Dade police, review your accident report, interview witnesses, examine records, and look into the background of the other driver.
  • Prove What Really Happened: The other side may suggest you were at fault or deny all liability. With our network of scientific experts and authorities in the field of accident reconstruction, we can pinpoint the exact cause, tie evidence to those rightfully at fault, and make sure the right person is held responsible.
  • Hold Insurance Companies Accountable: Insurance companies have a standard playbook when it comes to trying to avoid paying what’s fair. We know these tactics too. They may ask you questions designed so you admit fault. When we’re your attorneys, they can’t. And we’ll keep the pressure on until they agree to what’s fair.
  • Consider A Lawsuit: Few motorcycle accident cases go to court, but filing a lawsuit is effective. It lets the other side know you’re serious and it preserves important evidence. By filing a lawsuit Miami-Dade’s 11th Circuit Court, we can gather the facts, present them to a judge or jury, and argue for everything you are entitled to under the law.
  • Protect Your Interest: Whether we reach a settlement early or need to take your case to trial, Rubenstein Law will always act in your interest and keep you informed. If we think you’re best served with a settlement that meets your needs, that will be our advice. But if an insurance company refuses what’s right – we will support you and fight for you in court.

Looking for answers from someone you trust? Rubenstein Law has been with working with and helping bikers in Miami for decades.

Call us at (305) 661-6000 24/7. Consults are free and there’s no obligation. We’ll explain your options and there’s no risk because we only get paid when you do.

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