$4,000,000 Motorcycle Injury in Tampa

Our client was riding his motorcycle and was cut off by a dump truck. His recovery required an extensive hospital stay and multiple surgeries.

$3,000,000 Fatal Motorcycle Accident in Tampa

When a young man lost his life after a motorcycle accident in Tampa, we represented his mother, recovered $3,000,000, and held the negligent driver accountable.

$2,650,000 Left Turn Collision in Doral

Our client was headed straight through an intersection in Doral, FL, when a car coming from the opposite direction made a left turn in front of him. This caused the motorcycle rider to hit the car on passenger side. The biker was rendered unconscious at the scene and his recovery required multiple surgeries. We fought for the compensation he deserved and secured $2,650,000 on his behalf.

$575,000 Red Light Crash in Miami

When a negligent driver made a left turn on a RED light, our client hit the car on the passenger side. This caused serious injuries to their shoulder and neck. We filed suit and recovered $575,000 in compensation.

$510,000 Injured Boca Raton Woman

After being struck by a reckless driver in Boca Raton, our client was sent to a local trauma center for serious injuries to her jaw, arm, wrist, and knee. We took the woman’s case and secured $510,000.

$500,500 Hit by Truck in Miami-Dade

Our client was on his motorcycle when he was hit by a truck that ran a stop sign. Our client sustained serious injuries to his shoulder and optical nerve when he was hit by a truck that ran a stop sign. We filed suit, the case was solved before trial via mediation.

$500,000 Fatal Crash in West Palm Beach

In West Palm Beach, we represented the family of a rider struck by a drink driver who made an illegal U-turn. We secured $500,000 to help the man’s family move forward.

$496,750 TBI after a Rear-End Collision

Our clients were seriously injured when were re-ended on their bike in Boca Raton, Florida. This caused a TBI, requiring surgery for him and severe leg, neck, and hip injuries for her. We pursued their claim and recovered $496,750 for their damages.

$365,000 Couple Rear-Ended in Marathon

Our clients were a couple riding their motorcycle in Marathon, when they were rear ended by a car causing them to wreck The man sustained a serious fracture to his leg requiring surgery and the woman was tossed from the bike, causing wrist and head trauma. We fought for a fair and full recovery for their losses and secured $365,000 for their losses.

$300,000 Distracted Driver in Miami Beach

We represented an injured rider after a negligent driver struck him in Miami Beach while changing lanes because they were texting and driving. Our client suffered severe injuries that required multiple surgeries on both arms, his abdomen, hip, and leg. His mobility was seriously limited and caused a lot of pain. We fought for the best possible result and settled his case for $300,000.