$250,000 Rider Cut Off in Ft. Lauderdale

Our client was in the left lane when a driver in the right lane cut him off. This caused him to fall from this motorcycle and wreck, resulting in a serious right shoulder injury and subsequent surgery. We handled his case in Fort Lauderdale, and recovered $250,000 to meet his needs.

$245,000 Motorcycle Injury in Melbourne

After a serious motorcycle accident, our client was sent to the hospital with a broken leg & pelvis. We were able to secure over $245,000.

$230,000 Lowball Settlement for Victim in Dania Beach

When a negligent truck driver backed up, they crashed into our client’s motorcycle. This resulted in severe injuries and required two shoulder surgeries. The insurance company made an initial offer of $20,000, but this was drastically insufficient. We fought for our client, filed suit, and resolved the case for $200,000+.

$200,000 Multiple, Painful Motorcycle injuries in Miami

Our client was cut off by a driver in Miami, who was making an improper left turn. The rider suffered multiple shoulder, wrist, and arm injuries causing a lot of pain. We filed suit and recovered over $200,000+ in compensation for his various damages.

$150,000 Struck by Car in Miami

After an initial offer of $40,000 we were able to obtain a settlement offer of over $150,000 for our client who was injured when he was struck by a car while on his motorcycle.

$125,000 Offer Increased in Jacksonville

Initial offer $89,000 – final settlement $125,000

Our client was hit by car driving recklessly in traffic. He was knocked off his bike & sustained a fracture to his shoulder in addition to other injuries.

$120,000 Rider Cut Off in Kissimmee

After an initial offer of over $30,000, we were able to secure over $120,000 for a client who was cut off in traffic.

$105,000 Red-Light Crash in Hialeah

After an initial offer of over $30,000, we secured over $105,000 for our client who was hit by a vehicle running a red light.

$105,000 Left Turn Collision in Miami

Our client was hit by a car that field-to-yield when making a left turn. During the accident, he fractured his hip & pelvis. We secured over $105,000.

$100,000 Offer Increased in Miami

Initial Offer $20,000 – final settlement $100,000

Our client was on his bike (moped) – when the defendant ran a red light and struck him. He suffered herniated disks in his neck and back, abrasions and head trauma.