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Riding on the back of a motorcycle is an exciting experience. There is a certain etiquette that comes with riding as a motorcycle passenger. You should know proper techniques so that your presence does not endanger you or the driver.

Rubenstein Law represents many bikers and their passengers. Here are some suggestions for being a good motorcycle passenger.

Motorcycle Passenger Etiquette

When riding as a motorcycle passenger, always follow the driver’s lead. When you’re traveling in an enclosed vehicle, backseat driving isn’t unusual. But the rules are different on a bike. If you’re riding with an experienced driver, let them take the lead with any navigational or technical problems that could arise while driving.

Proper motorcycle passenger etiquette includes:

  • Know the rules of the road concerning motorcycles
  • Know where to put your feet
  • Know how to lean on turns
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Avoid distracting the driver

Safety Gear for Passengers

Whether you’re a seasoned motorcycle passenger or preparing for your first time out, always ride safely. You should wear appropriate gear, safety equipment, and clothing in case an accident occurs.

Your safety gear should include:

  • Strong jacket
  • Boots
  • Rain jacket
  • Long pants

Helmets for Drivers & Passengers

Florida law does not require motorcycle helmets for certain drivers and passengers over the age of twenty-one. However, wearing a helmet could prevent catastrophic or life-threatening injuries.

Wearing a Helmet Can Help Your Case

Furthermore, helmet-less passengers and drivers involved in an accident often receive reduced compensation for their injuries and damages. Insurance companies and the court could argue that your lack of a helmet contributed to the extent and severity of your injuries.

What to Expect As a Motorcycle Passenger

If this is your first time riding on a motorcycle as a passenger, you may be unsure of what to expect. In addition to following safety laws and wearing the appropriate protective gear, you also need to be constantly aware of your own body.

Be Mindful of Your Movements

Your added weight has an impact on how the driver handles the bike. If there is a sudden stop, you need to recognize a severe risk for head or neck injuries if your helmet collides with the drivers.

You must always be conscious of your movements. Lean into turns to avoid sending the bike off-balance and causing a single-car crash and debilitating injuries.

Ask The Driver for Advice

If you’re unsure what movements you should make or how to react to the motorcycle’s movements, ask the driver before you get on the open road. Anyone can be a good motorcycle passenger as long as they maintain proper motorcycle safety and etiquette.

Contact a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Florida

Passengers on motorcycles can do their part to keep themselves and the biker safe by following the tips described above. If you are seriously injured in a collision and aren’t sure where to turn for help, call a Florida motorcycle accident lawyer at Rubenstein Law.

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