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An estimated 5,014 motorcyclists were killed in accidents in 2019, more than twice the number in 1997, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Safety is relative, depending on the circumstances and the rider. Luckily, some bikes are safer than others and offer different safety features that protect you out on the open road.

What Is the Safest Type of Motorcycle?

Some motorcycles have higher fatality rates. According to the IIHS, Supersport motorcycles have a fatality rate four times higher than cruisers or standards. These bikes are lightweight and powerful.

Supersport bikes reach speeds of over 160 miles per hour.  On a track driven by experienced riders, Supersport bikes can be safe and fun, but less experienced riders face a greater risk, especially when riding at high speeds or in heavy traffic.

Touring motorcycles and cruisers are considered safer because of their heavier weight. The heavier mass allows the bike to absorb more impact and prevents it from falling over easily. Beginning riders may have a tougher time controlling these heavy bikes because their heft can make them less maneuverable.

Motorcycle Safety Features to Consider

Whether you’re an experienced rider or a beginner, safety features can reduce your chance of a devastating accident.

Anti-Lock Brakes

Of all the equipment on a motorcycle, the IIHS emphasizes that anti-lock brakes can have a significant impact on rider safety. These systems prevent wheels from locking up and causing a skid, resulting in a fall, significant injuries, or death.

  • Motorcycles with ABS have a 22% lower fatal crash rate compared to the same models that lack anti-lock brakes
  • Insurance claims for collision damage are 21% less frequent for motorcycles with ABS and 28% lower for models with ABS and combined front and rear brake controls

Among 2020 motorcycles, 59% come with ABS as standard equipment, and it’s an option with another 18%. IIHS provides this list of models that have ABS.

Inertia Measurement Unit

This computer chip processes information on traction and stability control so the bike can intervene to make riding safer. The recent emergence of this technology comes thanks to the widespread implementation of computer-controlled electronic throttles.

Now almost universally adopted, these electronic throttles allow the engine management computer fine control over the bike’s fueling and spark, and the airflow into the engine, so it can make the minute and rapid adjustments necessary for successful traction control.

Traction Control

The goal of traction control is to prevent rear-wheel spin from too much power for the road surface by cutting engine power. This slows forward momentum to help prevent a crash by preventing power slides, wheelies, and burnouts.

Warning Systems

This feature informs the rider of situations that may cause an accident so they can take steps to prevent it. You may get a warning of low tire pressure before a tire blows out, or it may warn you when roads are icy or if winds are high.


The longer your wheelbase is, the better chance for both tires to be in contact with the road. A wider wheelbase is less prone to wheelies and makes for a smoother ride.

In high performance vehicles, a longer wheelbase is more stable at higher speeds. A short wheelbase bike is generally able to corner faster but may provide a bumpy ride.

Factors That Can Make Your Bike Less Safe

According to Street Skills, LLC, there are some characteristics about your bike that can put you in more danger during a crash, including:

  • Fuel Tank Slope – the tank can cause serious pelvic injuries when the rider goes forward. The steeper the back of the tank slopes, the greater the chance of serious harm
  • Rigid Frame – a rigid frame causes more energy to be absorbed by the rider during a collision
  • Fairing – the more obstacles to a rider’s forward movement (like a fairing), the more severe injuries can be
  • Horsepower – stronger engines with more horsepower have been linked to a higher fatality rate

Consider the Comfortability of the Motorcycle

A comfortable motorcycle that fits your body type goes a long way in preventing an accident. If you choose one based on style alone, you could be focused more on how uncomfortable you are instead of the road.

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